[AOSP 5.1.1 KERNEL 3.10.54+] ORION

[AOSP 5.1.1 KERNEL 3.10.54+] ORION

[AOSP 5.1.1 KERNEL 3.10.54+] ORION
Thursday, March 29, 2018

About AOSP Custom Rom
AOSP Extended is an AOSP based rom which gives stock UI/UX with various customizations incorporates close by the Substratum subject engine. The assignment has been made via cautiously choosing diverse submits from various endeavors. Being established on AOSP it gives a smooth and slack free contribution out of the compartment. We will dependably try to incorporate more features and enhance it even in future updates. A ROM by a customer, for a customer. #StayAOSP #ExtendYourDevice #BeExtended 
About OrionOs
OrionOS is a task dependent on thin. The name Orion was picked as a portrayal of the magnificence and endlessness of our general surroundings (Too much Philosophy, eh? :P ). We began this task for Falcon (Moto G), to make a steady Rom, which would incorporate Bitsyko layers and vital customization. The Rom is worked with Uber toolchain which conveys wonderful smoothness and incorporates a custom part developed from ground to guarantee great execution [WIP]. Obviously, this venture is a result of our side interests and the affection we bore for Android.

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Statusbar customizations:
- Clock settings
- Battery styles
- Battery bar
- Network traffic
- Double tap on statusbar to sleep 
- Carrier Label
- Custom Headers - Normal, Modern, PolyHD, Orion
- Weather in status bar
- Quick Pulldown
- Task manager 
- Four tile QS toggle
- Force Expanded Notifications
- Immersive message toggle
- Notification count
- Breathing missed call
- Breathing voice mail
- Statusbar Icon toggle
- Slim Recents
- Clear all recent FAB with six positions
- RAM/memory bar in recents
- Full screen recents
- Show search bar in recents
- Show running apps only
- Home, Menu, Recents button rebinding
- Volume key cursor control
- Volume key playback control
- Notification slider [supported devices]
- Volume rocker wake
- Keyboard cursor control
- Swap hardware buttons 
Power Menu: 
- Power Off, Reboot, Screenshot, Airplane Mode, User Switcher, Sound Panel, Bug Report
Lockscreen Tweaks:
- Lockscreen wallpaper 
- Toggle Lockscreen date, columns ,time
- Toggle Lockscreen media art
- Lockscreen Weather
- Navigation bar buttons
- Navigation bar dimensions
- Navbar ime arrows 
- Ambient Display
- Pocket mode
- Hand Wave
- Advanced Reboot
- CM Lockscreen
- Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
- Quick unlock
- Pin scramble
- Screen pinning
- Disable QS on secured lockscreen
- Advanced Ambient Display
- Dcolumns, switches, dividers, tile view
- LCD density
Sound and Notification:
- Volume Steps
- Notification Lights
- Heads up toggle
- Unlink notification and ringtone volume
- Vibrate for calls
- Screenshot sound toggle
- Prevent audio ducking
- Battery Lights
- Disable camera sounds
- New Icon and logo
- New bootanimation
- Dark theme switch (many improvements on various preinstalled apps)
- Pre-rooted
- Substratum
- Uber 4.9
- Messenger instead of MMS (with NightMode)
- Update gallery (design tweaks)
- OTA (in device info)
- SuperSu in settings
- CM Browser 
- Viper4Android
- IME selector notification
- USB debug notify toggle
- SystemUI tuner by default
- Google Keyboard by default
- Orion changelog

[AOSP 5.1.1] Orion Lollipop kernel 3.10.54+ mt6582

What's Working
All working
3G Sim 1 and Sim 2 (need to reboot for change)
and more....


Team Orion
Yazad Madan
MinhQuoc (ported and fixed to kernel 3.10.54+ mt6582)