Ouo Review 2019 Earn Money by Shorten Links

Ouo Review 2019 Earn Money by Shorten Links

Ouo Review 2019 Earn Money by Shorten Links
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ouo.io Earn Money by Shorten Links

Ouo.io is a famous shorten website and it becomes more famous day by day. because of its reputation I also create an account on ouo.io and that i loved its UI (user interface). In this post I’m going to show  how to make money from Ouo.io — where you get paid to share your links over the internet.
‘How to Make Money using Ouo.io?’ Let’s begin.

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what is Ouo.io?

Ouo.io is a URL shortener website and you will get a money each time while a person clicks on your shortened Ouo.io hyperlinks. Like other URL Shorteners it also a very free program from where you canencourage your wallet with a few extra money.

while examine to other competitors Ouo.io now not simply offer simple UI but it also has a few awesome services like low minimal playout, high pay out charges, fast payments, and non-intrusive advertisements.

They offer 1.5$ according to a thousand views for any countries so, Ouo.io is the higher desire for you if different shorten URL websites are not offering desirable rates for your united states of america.

Sign up and Approval:

Ouo.io doesn’t have any unique person’s requirement to sign on. It is easy to enroll in and all and sundry can join it to use its services. they have speedy signup procedure, you can sincerely signup with the aid of fill tp and put up your utility within a minute. After submitting your utility, you can capable of start using their offerings. Approval is not required.

Advertisement Types:

Like different CPM based totally URL shorteners Ouo.io additionally offers interstitial commercials. Interstitial commercials are complete-page ads that appears earlier than the real website. these commercials are proven to site visitors who are click the shortened hyperlinks for 5 seconds before they'll be redirected to the real vacation spot page.

Tools Offered:

Ouo.io gives three tools correct equipment which are pretty useful that you could use to encourage your income on ouo.io. allow’s speak them. the following equipment are supplied by means of Ouo.io: -

1. Mass Shrinker

2. Quick link

3. Full page Script

Mass Shrinker-

Mass shrinker is a device that lets in you to shrink up more than one URLs at a time. This is a good device in case you wanna percentage multiple URLs to post.

caution: best reduce URLs thru ‘Mass Shrinker’ which you’ll surely use. in case you’ve abuse the tool, it could be disable on your account.

Quick Link-

This tool permits you to make any hyperlink paid hyperlink without login into your account. This tool can be helpful for you if you have to regularly shorten links and to make money from them.

Full Page Script:

complete web page script is a script for website admins that they could put on to their websites to routinely convert all their outgoing links into shorten hyperlinks.

Payout Rates-

Ouo.io has low payout quotes in comparison to Shorte.st. Payout quotes range from $2.5 to $ 1.5 highest being of uk. however if we compare it with different shorteners ouo.io offers high payout fees for visits from Asian international locations (i.e India, Srilanka). test ouo.io us of a sensible payout charges.

Payment Frequency-

Your earnings could be routinely paid on 1st day and 15th day of every month.

Referral System:

Like other URL shorteners Ouo.io also gives a totally competitive referral program where you can earn 20% of your referral earnings simply through referring new publishers to Ouo.io.

Final Verdicts-

in this ouo.io evaluate I’ve mentioned almost all the professionals and cons of ouo.io. And here is my closing month profits from ouo.io

individually I propose you to percentage you shortened hyperlinks in places in which it will likely be present for a long time. It’s time to listen from you. Did this ouo.io evaluate assist you? Do you have got any questions? or you want to share a few enjoy with ouo.io Then share your enjoy within the comments. I’m eagerly waiting to listen from you.