Shorten URL and Earn Money

Shorten URL and Earn Money

Shorten URL and Earn Money
Monday, March 25, 2019

Shorten the URL and Earn Money with

For those of you who have been in the world of blogging for a long time or online business, you are certainly familiar with the name URL shortener. URL shortener is a website that serves to shorten a link / URL. The main purpose of using a shortener link is to change long links to be neater and also to hide certain links (eg download links, referral links, etc.) so that the actual link cannot be seen directly, this method is usually called link encryption or safelink .

In addition, you can also get money from the links that you shorten, there are many link shortener services that provide money from links that you shorten, one of which is which will give you a fee for the links that you shortened. This can be a solution for those of you who have a blog / web download that cannot register as a Google Adsense publisher, then this URL shortener can be an alternative to get money from blogs / web. Here are some features that 4to have:

Smart URL Shortener

This feature can be used to shorten long URLs, besides there are some additional settings that you can use, such as special access rights based on geographical location and password protection to secure the original link.

International reach

The advertising reach in 4to reaches the entire world, so from any country your traffic / visitors come from you will definitely get paid from your short link.

Blog / Web Widget

By installing the URL shortener widget on your blog / web, you or someone else can shorten the link directly from your blog / web and the shortened link will automatically be saved in your account.

Lifetime Affiliate

You can invite other people to join at 4to by using referral links and you will get a commission of 10% from your referral. The more people you invite to join, the more commission you will get.

Choice of Payout Method

When your balance has reached the minimum payout limit (US $ 2), you can withdraw / withdraw your balance through Indonesian local banks, pulses all operators, payoneer, and bitcoin.

That was a review of the best local 4to URL shortener in Indonesia. To start earning money from 4to URL shortener you can register here for free, and don't forget to use an active email when registering because a verification code will be sent to your email. Hopefully this review can add insight and information that is useful for us all.