Top 5 YouTube Comment Tips & Trick for Grow your Channel

Top 5 YouTube Comment Tips & Trick for Grow your Channel

Top 5 YouTube Comment Tips & Trick for Grow your Channel
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Top 5 YouTube Tips For New Youtubers

You may know that there are a lot of ways to grow your YouTube channel and one of them is comments. So getting comments and engagement on your videos is one of the best ways to get more views by hacking the YouTube algorithm. All of us want to get more views we want to get more subscribers and get more attention to our videos and one of the best ways to do that is by getting more engagement. Comments help your videos rank in search, show up & suggested videos and ultimately gets promoted by YouTube.

Pinning Comment
  Now this is something that's relatively new but it is an amazing tool that you can use to really create more engagement on your channel. What this means is, if there's a great comment like say somebody leaves something really positive a great testimonial you can actually pin that to be at the top of the comments area. Why this is significant is because back in the day even a hater’s comment could show up at the top of your comments and kind of like ruin the vibe, now you can control and curate what you want people see for the first comment at the top of the comments area.

Hearting Comments
  Hearting comments is relatively a new feature on YouTube. If you're logged in your account you cannot just thumbs up or thumbs down comments but you can actually put a heart on them. Now a lot of people misunderstand what this does. Hearting comments does two cool things: A) One it actually lets the person know that you saw their comment even if you don't write back. B) The second this is really cool it sends a notification to that person. So Harding comments a day or more later is actually a great way to reengage your audience and maybe have them come back to your videos.

 Replying To Comments
  Now you definitely need to take advantage of this because this is where the engagement really happens for starting the conversation. The bonus tip here it’s just to reply you'll literally double your comment which doubles your engagement. Keep in mind that if there are ten comments on your video and you apply to all of them now YouTube will see that as 20 total comments on your video so definitely invest the time in replying to boost the engagement.

Adding Time Codes
  Adding time codes in the comments area is one of the cool features on YouTube. It works in the comics and also the description and all you actually have to do is type out a time in the video it could be like zero: 53 or it could be three you know 42 and that is actually a time in the video that becomes clickable that people can skip to. Time codes help to breakdown the long videos into sections so that the viewer can skip to the particular point/topic.

Thumbs Up/Down Comments
  Now why I love this a lot is because this is literally democracy at work this is people saying they like this or they don't like this and it's so easy to do just like the hearts, just like pinning you should be utilizing this and you can literally like every positive comment. Especially if you're bigger influencer and you have a lot of engagement a bonus tip here is if you've never used the community tab inside of your YouTube creator studio that is actually a great place that curates all the comments that are happening on all of your videos.